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10 Men Who Can’t Do Drag

Bugs Bunny could do it.  The Monty Python lads could do it.  And The Kids in Hall enjoyed doing it so much that it stank of weird and unresolved sexual issues. So what have we learned? Drag is for Rabbits, Repressed Brits and Latent Ice Backs.  Most men can’t – and shouldn’t – do drag.  Ever.  

These 10 dudes in particular give new meaning to the phrase, total drag:

Dick Cheney: 

Upside: We get to call him "A chick named Dick.” 
Downside:  George is no longer the pretty one.

Prince Charles

Thus proving that there is nothing more depressing than an Old Queen.

Tiger Woods:

Play a round with Tiger?   Ironically enough, this eye hazard looks 18 beers good. 

Hank Hill:

Nobody loves a little redneck dress, I tell you what.

Bob Dylan:

Just because you sound like an old woman doesn’t mean you should dress like one.

Stephen Harper:

As if being Bush-Lite and the leader of a country as insignificant as Canada wasn’t crappy enough – he also makes for one ugly broad.

Russell Crowe:

Bad enough we were treated to the spectacle of an armored cocktail skirt during his Roman Empire period (the duds did nothing for him – all breastplate, no cleavage) now the Cinderella Man has gone Pollyanna. But that still won’t stop him from smacking the neighborhood kids with a phone and then screwing your wife. 

50 Cent:

So disgustingly hideous that his own line of waterproof, motorized, 50 Cent vibrators go limp at this sight.

Jackie Chan:

Even as a wrinkly old grandmother in a unisex peasant robe, Jackie looks like he could lay some serious railroad track.

Jon Stewart:

What has America ’s funniest man taught us?  That when they get older, all Jewish comedians end up looking like their mothers. 

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